Grapevine Train Depot // Grapevine Tx // The K Family Photos


I met up with the Kinley and her parents for the family photos at the Vintage Train Depot in Grapevine, Tx back in the Fall.  During the Holidays I never know what trains will be available and where they will be put so that us photographers can use them, but luckily all of my favorite cars where there!  It was pretty chilly and a tad windy during our photo session but luckily Kinley gave us some good faces and thought I was somewhat funny.

We started off checking out the trains, especially my favorite yellow one, and then moved around to check out the metal walls and really, we just went wherever Kinley decided she wanted to go.  haha she was large and in charge of us 🙂

I do think her favorite thing to do was ride on Daddy’s shoulders though… and then banging her head on they wall haha I don’t know what kids think that is funny, my youngest does it too.  Weirdos! 😛




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